U N I V E R S A L   M U S I C   P R E S E N T S


L E A N D R O   C A B R A L   T R I O 

A  L  F  A

“Alfa” Receives 5-Star Review – All About Jazz (USA) 

“Fans of ECM’s trio recordings of the past decade: take note. Alfa is a worthy contender for your collection.”

“I’d dare to say that Leandro is cut from Keith Jarrett-like cloth, prone as he is to a kindred passion for melody that prompts him to spontaneously vocalize when he can no longer contain it. That said, he is no copycat, as is made obvious by the wealth of original compositions that dominate the set. “O amor que se deu— Vassi n.2,” for one, opens with so much lusciousness of sound that one can immediately tell this trio is reaching beyond its triangulation as such into hidden emotional continents. The composing is top-flight as well, and reflects a vibrant mind behind the music that is mature beyond its years. Nothing here is forced, rushed, or compromised.”


Editor’s Pick · Album of the Month – World Music Report (Canada)  

“There are many moments on Alfa by the Leandro Cabral Trio when you just might feel that Glenn Gould has come to life, incarnated as a Brasilian pianist named Leandro Cabral. The pianist can play notes by caressing them as if his fingers were bird feathers. Then on a dime he can turn into a force of nature in a samba band, but never ever going at the keyboard with hammer and tong.”

“So is Leandro Cabral a classical pianist in a Brasilian garb? He is both really; a changeling – a bit like Keith Jarrett but without the wall that separates classical from Brasilian forms melded into Jazz-style improvisation. Cabral’s lines between the two (or three) styles is so blurred that it is almost impossible to catch him inhabiting one metaphor.”


“Best Jazz Albums 2016” – 2nd Place – Argonauta Magazine (Italy)


“Top 10 – 2016” – Carlos Calado (Brasil)

“One of the most talented São Paulo pianists of the new generation, Leandro reveals in this album his intimacy with the languages of jazz and bossa nova. Alongside Sidiel Vieira (acoustic bass) and Vitor Cabral (drums), he shows his own compositions and play with a rare personality some classics, such as “Rapaz de Bem” (Johnny Alf) and “Outra Vez” (Tom Jobim).”



Interview – Latina Magazine (Japan)




“Light and airy, the trio manages a fleet infusion of tropical rhythms (…). This is highly stylized Brazilian music presents in an artful way.”

All About Jazz (USA)




“Leandro Cabral, an emergent Brazilian pianist and composer of exemplary perception, has in Alfa, his sophomore album, a beautiful statement of impeccable musicality and incredible interaction with his trio mates.”

Jazz Trail (USA)




“Absolutely delightful example of today’s Brazillian jazz. (…) Composer of 7 of the 10 tracks Cabral is as adept with the (virtual) musical pen as he is with the piano. His compositions are melodic, at times almost Chopinesque, whilst his playing sounds like Bill Evans may have sounded had Bill Evans been born in Brazil.”

Bebop Spoken Here (UK)




“In these ten compositions nothing is fortuitous, everything is measured and travels in an admirable balance between the elements, where also (and mostly) the silence has an important role creating a sort of space to live accordingly to the aesthetics of the empty, which is so treasured by the oriental philosophy.”

Argonauta Magazine (Italy)



“A modern Brazil piano trio issuing their second album, this crew has paid the proper dues along the way making this seem almost expected. (…) Clearly a tasty taste treat, this is bouncy, fun jazz by a crew that doesn’t feel like this is work. Good times ahead for you to get grooving to.”

Midwest Record (USA)





Photos: Pandalux




“Angola, Pernambuco, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Europe… what a wonder is to hear them all visited and masterly blended by this great brazilian pianist and composer. Leandro, in his best oswaldian style, amalgamates with his trio and participations an unique sound, most personal, making ALFA elevated music, music of the soul, music to be heard and reheard, many times. Bravissimo!”

Chico Pinheiro – Guitarist and composer



“It is always a difficult task to comment someone’s work, no matter it’s language, considering that my remarks about art are always dynamic, never the same. Thus, remarks about music refer intrinsically to the moment of listening. To speak about Leandro’s music is to speak of details, of the subtle, of the precious. As a student, I could figure out his care and concern about all the innumerous facets of music, in particular about the subjective universe with whom it connects. These niceties which I am referring to go beyond the technical refinement, towards the infinite search of an artistic doing that is full and amorous.

Letieres Leite – Maestro, flautist/saxophonist, composer and arranger – Orkestra Rumpilezz 



“Your music makes us see Brazil with its mysteries that enchant us, with the immense beauty of the coloured rhythms that lovingly came from Mother Africa towards you. She, in her creator’s wisdom, opens our eyes and heart to those who are sons of her, woken from other silences and other worlds! The quantic soul which rules us lets the time-space dance be presented without losing its nature, and permits us to resound together apart from time – free, de-symcopated and synchronized with the heart’s sons wings who search the non-place. Hurray to your Music, Leandro! From the heart.”

Nailor Proveta – Maestro, saxophonist/clarinetist, composer and arranger – Banda Mantiqueira





A L F A  .  L e a n d r o  C a b r a l  VEVO

Rute e sua grandeza – Vassi N. 1